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Husband And Wife Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide Near Bruceville-Eddy

Husband And Wife Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide Near Bruceville-Eddy
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Husband And Wife Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide Near Bruceville-Eddy

Authorities found a man and woman dead inside a home in what appears to be a case of murder-suicide near Bruceville-Eddy.

At around 7:15 AM on Saturday, Brucevill-Eddy police responded to call inside a home in the area of Woodlawn Road and Interstate 36. They also received information a that a man had been holding a woman hostage inside the residence. When police arrived at the scene, they learned that a woman had been shot.

According to a report from the Temple Daily Telegram, a special weapons and tactics team called to the house several times but received no response. Following this, authorities decided to deploy a robot to the scene. Soon as the robot managed to break a window in the home, authorities spotted a man and woman on the floor. According to Bruceville-Eddy Police Chief Bill McLean, officers then entered the house and discovered both man and woman to be dead. They also discovered a shotgun and a pistol although police would not say which of the weapons had been discharged.

Moreover, Waco Tribune-Herald reports that there were children present at the scene a the time of the call. Authorities say they were unharmed during the incident. Authorities did not release the identities of the victims immediately pending notification to the family.

The two dead were later identified 40-year-old Kevin Tharpe and 31-year-old Monica Tharpe. The couple reportedly had an ongoing domestic situation. However, the kids in the home at the time of the incident did not belong to the couple. Instead, they belong to another person who also resides in the home.

Officers have responded to domestic violence calls in the couple’s home previously.

According to a report from KXXV-TV, officers have previously responded to domestic violence calls in the home. Moreover, police believe that the violent confrontation was the result of “an imminent divorce.” “Both (the man and woman) lived in this home at one time. I personally have never dealt with these two people before, but my officers have,” McLean added.

On the other hand, police have also said that Kevin Tharpe had just bonded out of jail at around 12:30 PM the day before. He faced multiple charges including possession of marijuana, criminal mischief and harassing. The latter two charges involved incidents with Monica Tharpe. Jail records reveal that his total bond amounted to $4,000.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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