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Husband And Wife Fight Off Convenience Store Robbers Wielding Knives

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Husband And Wife Fight Off Convenience Store Robbers Wielding Knives

When two armed men tried to rob a convenience store in New York, they didn’t realize that the couple managing it would fight back the way they did.

It had been a relatively peaceful evening for Gurchran Singh and his wife Parvinder Chahal on Monday until trouble showed up. They were both working in a convenience store, the Markande Market, when suddenly, masked men stormed inside their business.

The said robbers came into the Hamburg Street store armed with knives. The moment they did, they started making demands. “They jumped in and said, ‘Give me the money!’ My wife said, ‘Take it, take the money!'” Singh told WRGB. What they did not expect, however, was Singh had plans to fight back.

From the surveillance video of the store, you can readily see Singh grabbing a bat. He then proceeds to chase down the two suspects with it while swinging the bat in the air. “I hit him, I know that,” Singh remarked.

Meanwhile, Singh’s wife did not hesitate to help her husband when she saw him take control of the situation. Immediately, she rushed to press the emergency button. Afterward, she picked up the stick and went after the other robber.

The incident in the store only lasted a few seconds. Eventually, the couple managed to chase both suspects out of their store. One of the masked men, however, managed to grab a pack of cigarettes.

Singh continued to chase down suspects once outside the store.

Soon as the suspects were out, Singh decided he could not let them get away. Together with a neighbor, Singh got on a truck and started to follow the two men. They stayed on their tracks until police arrived. In doing so, they managed to assist investigators in focusing on the right locations. “They did a really good job, yes, I’m proud of them,” Chahal remarked.

In the end, police managed to put both 21-yearold Ryan Kelly Jr. and 20-year-old Brandon Ehlers in custody. Police located one of them just a few blocks from the store. Meanwhile, the other suspect had reportedly been hiding in a wooded area. Both suspects are now facing a first-degree robbery charge. They are currently in the Schenectady County Jail in lieu of bond.

Following the incident, Singh believes not letting them get away was the right thing to do. “If you let them go, they do it again, they can hurt someone else,” he explained. The couple said this is the first time they encountered an incident like in all 14 years that the store has been in business.

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