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Hurricane Matthew Update: ISIS Celebrating Catastrophe – Report

Hurricane Matthew Update: ISIS Celebrating Catastrophe – Report
TERRA-MODIS satellite view of Hurricane Matthew on 04 October 2016 NASA / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Hurricane Matthew Update: ISIS Celebrating Catastrophe – Report

As Americans continue to endure the wrath of Hurricane Matthew, ISIS terrorist channels have been celebrating the devastation it has brought to the Southeast. A tweet about storm has been circulating across their networks with the words “Allahu Akbar” written underneath.

The now category 2 hurricane has been spreading devastation in Florida after laying waste to Haiti early this month. Tropical storm conditions are now being felt on the whole Southeastern United States, particularly in the Florida coast.

Parts of Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia have also been evacuated following announcements by the National Weather Service. At its current path, the storm is expected to extend up the Georgian coast and into South Carolina.

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According to CNN, the center of the hurricane is currently located near South Carolina’s southern coast. About 20 miles east of Hilton Head, it had maximum winds of 105 mph extending 45 miles from its center.

ISIS Celebrating The Devastation Of Hurricane Matthew

While Hurricane Matthew has lost most of its energy after entering land, it left at least 300 people dead in Haiti and 4 more in the US. This loss of life could be the reason for the terrorist organization’s celebration.

ISIS is currently on the run from both Syrian government forces and the Iraqi government after a joint bombing campaign between Russia and the US. While lone wolves continue to carry out attacks in the country, acts of god such as these are seen as “God” punishing the infidels.

Iraqi government troops are slowly pushing to the Islamic State’s stronghold of Mosul. Ever since its capture in 2014, Iraq’s second largest city has been the hub of the organization’s oil business which has continued to finance its reign of terror.

What are your thoughts regarding ISIS celebration the devastation left by Hurricane Matthew? Let us know in the comments below.

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