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Hunger Games’ Willow Shields Praises Jennifer Lawrence

Hunger Games’ Willow Shields Praises Jennifer Lawrence
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Hunger Games’ Willow Shields Praises Jennifer Lawrence

Willow Shields, the young star who grew up with her role as “Prim” in the “Hunger Games,” praised Jenifer Lawrence as a co-actor and empowering woman. She considers Lawrence to be a role model for young actresses who want to find a path in Hollywood.

In an interview with Zimbio, Shields was quite candid to share her thoughts. She has worked with Lawrence in four Hunger Game movies. She felt that Lawrence never doubted herself and that was the reason for her success. When Lawrence started acting, the scope for young actresses was limited, but she contributed in empowering young female actresses.

She said Lawrence do things she is not comfortable with — like singing. Sharing the details of a scene where Lawrence had to sing, Shields said, “You know, she’s amazing. And it was a nice life lesson because she was very nervous about singing. She didn’t think that she sounded good, and she sang and she sounded great!”

It has been a happy journey for Willow. For her, “Hunger Games” got her closer to her dreams. She said the role was perfect, too. “As an actor it’s kind of a dream role because first of all you have the books to base it on, which is basically like having your homework done for you. You get to read the books and the rest is up to you, but at least you have something to base it off of,” she said.

It is exciting for her to get older with her character Prim, too. She pointed out, “Each film as she gets a little older, I get older with her. And each film she has this newfound character trait that people didn’t expect from her.”

As for the development of character, she said, “In the end she’s there for Katniss, and is really a lot stronger a person than in the first film. For me it was a real pleasure to be able to play that kind of character.”

It is not only Shields who have these kind words for Lawrence. Many think Lawrence is the epitome of an empowered young lady. This is why she topped the poll of who among celebrities make great political leaders.

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