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Humans Could Soon Reach Mars in 3 Days, NASA Says

Humans Could Soon Reach Mars in 3 Days, NASA Says
Antares launch NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Humans Could Soon Reach Mars in 3 Days, NASA Says

The distance between the Earth and Mars, let alone our limited knowledge about this planet, had been one of the biggest problems that hinder scientists from studying further this neighboring planet.

Just recently, scientists from the NASA have hypothesized a possible way to reach the Martian planet called as ‘photonic propulsion’, as reported by the Wired. This idea, which remains a theory as of this writing, could exponentially cut the travel time to Mars and back, thereby, giving scientists more time to explore this rather mysterious planet.

“So it takes nine months to get to Mars. It is possible to get to Mars in less time, but this would require you to burn your rocket engines longer, using more fuel. With current rocket technology, this isn’t really feasible,” NASA wrote. The NASA also noted that traveling from the Earth to Mars is a lot tricky as there’s a perfect timing that must be observed. NASA added that this only happens every 26 months, so scientists who wish to go to Mars need to wait every 26 months or two years and 2 months, when the two planets are perfectly aligned.

However, in a video for NASA 360, NASA scientist Philip Lubin has provided a possible way to reach Mars much quicker, or in three days. In a nutshell, Lubin describes the conceptualized system as a huge and high-speed laser that will push spacecraft up. Unlike the traditional present-day spacecraft, the technology that Lubin has proposed would propel spacecraft with a high-speed laser. The report noted that although lasers, which are made up of particles of light and has no mass, they, however, have energy and momentum.

It added that the laser’s energy and momentum are the ones that’s pushing the spacecraft in an ultra-high speed. The hypothesized system proposed by Lubin, does not only promise to cut the traveling to Mars, but it’s also energy efficient as the giant laser that will be used does not require greater amount of fuel as the currently used system by NASA.

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