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Humans Have Sixth Sense: Scientist Says People Can Detect Earth’s Magnetic Field

Humans Have Sixth Sense: Scientist Says People Can Detect Earth’s Magnetic Field
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Humans Have Sixth Sense: Scientist Says People Can Detect Earth’s Magnetic Field

Magnetoreception, or the ability of any organism to detect the Earth’s magnetic field, has been well studied among different species of animals over the past years. But a team of researchers claimed that humans have sixth sense, too, a similar ability they share with other species in the animal kingdom.

Professor Joe Kirschvink of the California Institute of Technology said that through an experiment, they were able to prove that humans have the ability to somehow detect the Earth’s magnetic field. Kirschvink’s study, considered as the first of its kind to date, examined this rare ability not previously known to humans.

According to a report from Wired, the study was built on similar ones that investigate other species of animals and their innate ability to detect the magnetic field. In order to determine whether humans have a sixth sense or are capable of magnetoreception, Kirschvink experimented on himself and some of his students.

The trial, which await peer reviews, yields a promising result. According to Kirschvink’s findings, a specific area in the brain reacts to the Earth’s magnetic field. The brain’s reaction as it detects magnetic field was measured using the EEG, a device that measures brain waves.

The trial specifically noted that whenever the subject was exposed to a magnetic field, the brain waves, particularly the Alpha wave, peaks. This, according to Kirschvink’s team, is an indication that humans have the built-in ability to sense and detect the Earth’s magnetic field.

Meanwhile, a report from community news agency Pasadena Now where Kirschvink resides, noted that Kirschvink’s team is currently fine-tuning their study in their laboratory at Caltech. The professor has been conducting research in other areas other than the human sixth sense.

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