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Human Skull Found Near Hollywood Sign, Police Investigation Ongoing

Human Skull Found Near Hollywood Sign, Police Investigation Ongoing
Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, California. Thomas Wolf/Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

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Human Skull Found Near Hollywood Sign, Police Investigation Ongoing

On Saturday afternoon, authorities reported that two hikers found a human skull in a section of the Bronson Canyon park near the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. According to the park rangers, the skull may already be a few years old.

The hikers found the skull after they went off the main trail of the park. Detectives had to rappel down about 100 yards to inspect the skull in detail and look around for any other evidence.

As reported by ABC 7, Lt. John Shah of Northeast Community Police said an investigation is ongoing. The case is of interest because the skull was close to the area where authorities discovered a decapitated head back in 2012. The skull might be linked to Gabriel Campos-Martinez, who was charged with murder in 2014. Last year, Martinez was found guilty.

People Magazine, however, refuted the association between the skull and Campos-Martinez. The magazine learned from Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter that it is important to know who the skull belongs to or if it is related to another case. “We don’t know how it got there or who it belongs to.” The coroner added, “All they found was the skull. They searched and didn’t find additional bones at this time.”

The Assistant Chief Coroner said they are still trying to establish the length of time the skull had been in the park. Knowing this will help them figure out the cause of death of the person. Eventually, it might help them know who it belonged to. Still, Winter said it’s a difficult job to come up with the skull’s identity.

“Sometimes our investigation able to do it in a month or two but sometimes it takes a few years.”

In addition, hikers in the area said the place is easily accessible and provides coverage for a person trying to get away with murder. One hiker claimed, “It’s pretty rugged and a lot of shrubberies and bush. You know, once you get off the beaten trail anything could be happening there.”

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