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Human And Animal Crossbreeding Approved, May Be Funded In The United States

Human And Animal Crossbreeding Approved, May Be Funded In The United States
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Human And Animal Crossbreeding Approved, May Be Funded In The United States

Recent claims regarding human and animal crossbreeding has been approved by the US government made rounds online. So has scientists finally decided to break the ethical barrier and decide to play God?

Not quite, but it is true that the experiments regarding humans and animals have been approved. These, however, are far from the mad-scientist experiments that normally come to mind.

No Human Animal Hybrid

According to Snopes, the claims originate from a new policy proposed by the National Institute of Health. The proposed policy allows researchers to receive federal funding to make part human, part animal embryos.

However, this does not imply creating hybrids by human and animal crossbreeding. The true goal of this new policy is to create animals with human organs for the purpose of curing diseases and possibly cultivating organs.

Researchers might be able to study heritable human diseases without resorting to using a human “guinea pig.” And perhaps, the most discussed implication of the research would be to create animals that contain human organs that can be transplanted to human patients.

The National Institute of Health has announced this month that they will be lifting the proposed changes to existing stem cell guidelines. Scientists might want to create such organisms to study neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Considering some experiments might come close to breaking ethical and moral barriers. A steering committee has also been created to oversee funding requests.

The experiments would be met with heavy scrutiny with the hope that there would be a significant contribution to the field. The experiments would still be considered as animal testing, however this is still not fully accepted by the general public.

Whether scientists are genuinely researching human and animal crossbreeding for the benefit of mankind is still up for questioning. It is possible that the scientific community could have simply discovered an ethical loophole they can exploit.

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