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Hulu Introduces Its Own Hulu Plus Remote Control

Hulu Introduces Its Own Hulu Plus Remote Control


Hulu Introduces Its Own Hulu Plus Remote Control

Hulu Introduces Its Own Hulu Plus Remote ControlHulu has introduced its new remote control functionality. The over-the-top online subscription service said its new Hulu Plus Remote Control would allow users of iOS and Android devices to gain more control on streaming media players especially on selected gaming consoles.

This new remote control expands on Chromecast support that was launched by the company last year. In a blog post, Mitch Walker, senior development lead of Hulu said the new remote control functionality of Hulu Plus could bring about that great experience to the living room via Hulu Plus app when using popular video game consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 3 (PS3), or PlayStation 4 (PS4).

How to use it

To use the new remote control, a user has to first install the Hulu Plus app on his iPad, iPhone, or android device. The app should be launched for it to detect the compatible console, which should be turned on and properly logged in to the similar Hulu Plus account.

From there, a necessary ‘cast’ button would appear on the user’s mobile device. It would allow the use to pair his device with the console being used. The remote control could then be used effectively.

Hulu said the major advantage of the new remote control app is that it could make it easier for a user to use his mobile device specifically to search for as well as view shows, video clips, and episodes that are offered by Hulu minus the interruption of viewing of a stream on TV.

To watch another media, the user has to simply ‘cast’ it from the remote control enabled device. From there, he may begin watching it instantly on TV.

Distinct feature

The new Hulu remote control app would retain every control that users have come to expect from its Hulu Plus. Among the major functionalities are the pause and resume, seek, and the 10-second rewind. The company also assured that switching to Hulu Plus content using the tablet or phone to a console-connected TV is as easy and fast as pressing a button.

Hulu is set to continuously work on the expansion of its remote control functions in the new Hulu Plus app. It would also add more types of living room devices as well as media hubs that it could possibly sync with in the next few months.  

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