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Huawei MateBook: Will It Be Able To Beat Surface Pro 4?

Huawei MateBook: Will It Be Able To Beat Surface Pro 4?
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Huawei MateBook: Will It Be Able To Beat Surface Pro 4?

After the launch of Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, many brands are eager to get their hands at Windows 10 convertibles. Huawei MateBook is the latest to jump on the bandwagon. At the Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Huawei Matebook was announced. Let us have a look at the specs to understand if it is really a competition to Surface Pro 4 or just another tablet running on Microsoft’s latest OS.

Huawei MateBook is a 12-inch tablet running on Windows 10 that is thin and comes along with an 8 megapixel rear and 5 MP front camera. If you are a keyboard person, then please note that Huawei MateBook has packed neither the keyboard nor the MatePen along with the tablet.

Huawei MateBook Price

The price of Huawei MateBook will vary depending on the storage and the region. In the US, the 128 GB variant with the 6th core m3 will cost you $699. The tablet powered by the same processor but with 256 GB storage will cost you $849. Then for a 256 GB variant powered by 6th core m5, you will have to pay $999. Huawei MateBook powered by the same processor with 512 GB storage will come for $1,199. Huawei will charge you $1,99 for 256 GB MateBook powered by 6th core m7. Same processor, 512 GB will cost you $1,599.

All of the above prices exclude VAT. Also, the prices mentioned are only for the tablet. You can buy the keyboard separately for $129, MateDock for $89 and MatePen for $59. This is where Surface Pro 4 scores extra points. It sells the Windows 10 convertible along with the Surface Pen. The price of the stylus is without any doubt included in the tablet’s price. No brand will give you an accessory like Surface Pen for free. But still, how your present your product is all that matters. Customers always willingly pay a little extra but try to buy a bundle together. Buying each and every accessory separately becomes a headache which buyers try to avoid, unless and until they are not interested in any of the accessories.

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