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Huawei Matebook Vs iPad Pro: Who Is The Champion?

Huawei Matebook Vs iPad Pro: Who Is The Champion?
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Huawei Matebook Vs iPad Pro: Who Is The Champion?

For a long time now, Huawei has been manufacturing high-end smartphones. But now, the Chinese company has its focus upon its first windows 10-powered Matebook. Released at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Huawei feels that it is a potential laptop replacement and a strong competitor against Apple’s iPad Pro. Whether or not this is accurate, let’s find it out by comparing specs of the two devices.


The Huawei Matebook can give Apple’s iPad pro a run for its money with a stylish and incredibly thin size. It looks like a very thin sheet with rounded silver edges and a glossy face.  Both tablets share the same thickness at 0.27-inches, but the Matebook is lighter than the iPad Pro.


When it comes to comparing display traits of both devices, the Apple iPad Pro records better display stats. It has 12.9-inches display with 2,732×2,048 pixels against Matebook’s 12-inches display with 2,160×1,440 pixels. Indeed, Apple scores better in display quality.


These two tablets functions on completely different operating system. While the Matebook runs on desktop version of Windows, the iPad Pro has the iOS operating system running at its core. Powered by 3.1GHz Intel Core M processor, the Matebook proves more powerful than Apple’s iPad Pro, which is equipped with A9X 2.26GHz. Also, the Matebook offers 8GB of memory update, proving its superiority over the iPad Pro.


The Matebook comes with a dock that provides extra ports for several connectivity options. These include Ethernet, USB ports, HDMI, USB Type-c port, etc. The iPad Pro doesn’t offer any such connectivity options, reports DigitalTrends.

Apple notes that the iPad Pro with 128GB and Wi-fi connection is priced at Rs.79,900 (approx. US$1166). Whereas, the retail price of the Matebook starts at a lower price at $699, making it more affordable to the iPad Pro, states NDTV. A comparative analysis based on above mentioned specs and features of the two devices prove that Huawei’s Matebook is the ultimate champion. Let us know what you think!

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