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Huawei Denies Speculations that It Spies for the Chinese Government

Huawei Denies Speculations that It Spies for the Chinese Government


Huawei Denies Speculations that It Spies for the Chinese Government

Huawei has again denied speculation that is spying for the Chinese government. It did so through a 45-page white paper that outlines company position and policies on cyber security. In that document, the online network tools maker has reiterated that has not been approached by any government to spy for it. It also emphasized its serious take on security.

The company said it did not receive any request or instruction from Beijing or from any other government or agency. It also did not provide any information on any individual or organization regarding data that gets through its technology. Huawei clarified that it has not altered any of its position, policies, hardware, procedures, software, or employment practices just to please any party so far. It said its main focus has always been to improve cyber security capability.

Security issues in the US

This paper comes a year following the US House Intelligence Committee’s warning to local firms and government agencies about possible conducting of business with the company. That warning did not single out Huawei, though. The advisory also covered another Chinese technology firm, ZTE. US authorities were concerned that the entry of those businesses into the US market might be a practical way for Beijing to spy into the country.

To address that allegation, Huawei already issued a white paper last year. In that effort, the company tried to absolve itself from any spying claim or accusation. Back then, it simply stated that cyber security is part of its DNA. The paper it recently released may be broader and more specific in scope than the document it released last year.

Analysts think the effectiveness of the white paper as a tool to persuade the US authorities would remain to be seen. To them, Huawei would need more than just a white paper for it to abolish any security and spying suspicion. Huawei, for its part, has acknowledged it and said it expects to resolve all possible concerns in as long as a decade.

Banned in other countries

Huawei is having problems not just in the US but also in many other nations. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has recently warned the Parliament about the company’s local operations. Huawei’s operations in the UK would soon be subjected to a review to be conducted by the Intelligence and Security Committee.

Many other countries are also following suit. Australia has also banned the company from getting into any sensitive contract within the country-continent. Such concerns might soon affect the company’s overall performance.

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