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HTC Vive VR Price, Pre-Orders And Shipping Details

HTC Vive VR Price, Pre-Orders And Shipping Details
HTC Re Vive Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0


HTC Vive VR Price, Pre-Orders And Shipping Details

You will not have to wait too long to order your HTC Vive VR headset. This virtual reality headset will start accepting pre-orders starting next month.

HTC Vive VR is another virtual reality headset after Oculus Rift that is getting all the limelight. The best part about this headset is that its front-fitted camera makes it easier to roam around wearing the gadget. People who are looking forward to invest into a VR headset have been waiting for HTC Vive VR price, pre-orders and shipping details to come out so they can make a better purchase decision.

The HTC Vive VR pre-orders begin February 29, but the company has decided to ship the product only in April. Vive’s competitor Oculus Rift will start shipping on March 28. As for the HTC Vive VR price, the cost of this headset was said to be $1500. Right now, these are considered rumors. Confirming that this is just a rumor, Geeky Gadgets wrote in its post, “The rumored $1,500 price for the new HTC VR headset is just a rumor at the moment, it is apparently based on the cost of the technology used in the device. We have no idea if this rumored price for the HTC VR headset is correct, I guess we will find out next month when the pre-orders start.”

HTC has only confirmed the pre-order date. The shipping date is set in April, but no exact date has been given by the company.

HTC Vive VR: more details

On its web page, HTC mentions that with Vive’s virtual reality headset, you can “interact with virtual tools, explore underwater shipwrecks, discover new worlds, and break the boundaries of your imagination.” The company also claims that this is a developer’s dream come true. Also, as HTC said in the statement during the announcement of the all-new Vive VR headset, you can eat, drink, move and chat with friends without worrying about the headset, and without getting it off your eyes.

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