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HTC Vive: Virtual Reality Headset Better Than Oculus Rift VR?

HTC Vive: Virtual Reality Headset Better Than Oculus Rift VR?
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HTC Vive: Virtual Reality Headset Better Than Oculus Rift VR?

HTC Vive is a new virtual reality headset that allows users to stay connected to the real world with a front camera. Is it better than Oculus Rift?

Oculus Rift VR has been made available for pre-order. The virtual reality headset will begin shipping on March 28, 2016. Then comes HTC Vive, another VR headset that promises to become tough competition against Oculus Rift. The $599 price tag of the Rift has upset VR fans, so HTC Vive seems to be giving them no reasons not to be happy about.

HTC and Valve has reworked on Vive and re-launched a better version of this virtual reality headset. The best part about HTV Vive is that it has solved one of the most irritating problems of virtual reality headsets. What is it? When you put on the VR headset, the real world disappears. All you can see is the virtual world on your headset. But Vive has fitted a front-facing camera to give users a view of the real world. So now, you can wear your VR headset and walk without worrying about bumping into people or furniture. In a statement given by HTC about Vive, the company said, “Being able to take a seat, find your drink, and carry on conversation around without removing your headset is only the beginning of what’s possible.”

Mario Aguilar, who tested the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, has posted a review on Gizmodo. In his review he mentioned, “While this isn’t exactly as powerful and refined as the final version of the Oculus Rift, the rapid evolution of HTC and Valve’s technology gives us every indication that we have a lot to look forward to when the Vive launches to the public in a few months.” It is a fact that virtual reality is the future, and that all companies are not letting the opportunity of becoming the leader in such future go to waste. Each one is trying its best to offer customers what others can’t. No matter who is at the number one position today, tomorrow, the scene might be completely different.

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