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HTC One Google Play Edition Upgrades to KitKat OS

HTC One Google Play Edition Upgrades to KitKat OS


HTC One Google Play Edition Upgrades to KitKat OS

HTC One Google Play Edition Upgrades to KitKat OSMany Android devices are now looking forward to finally adopt the latest mobile operating system, Android 4.4 version, also known as KitKat OS. After a few devices announced upgrading to the new system, it is now HTC One’s time to do so. However, the adoption would initially be allowed on the Google Play edition of the device.

Many HTC One Google Play users have already updated to the new OS today. This is indicated on the Developers’ forum for XDA users. HTC Corp is yet to announce details about when and how KitKat would be rolled out on other versions of its popular HTC One.

The upgrade would take the size of 305MB. It would bolster the device to KitKat OS. As it does so, it would bring about important patches that would fix problems regarding encryption bugs and radio connectivity. But it would not include the Google Experience Launcher that was first rolled out on Nexus 5. That feature adds the Google Now into the home screen.

Android KitKat

It should be noted that developer versions of most Android smartphones run ‘stock’ version of the OS. KitKat is usually stripped of special add-ons from manufacturers like HTC Sense and Samsung Touchwiz. The developer edition of HTC One debuted in March for about $649.

Android 4.4 KitKat OS was initially introduced to the market on October 31 through Nexus 5. After that, HTC immediately promised to adopt the new OS and bring it first to Google Play HTC One. It would be followed by the carrier and unlocked versions after three months.

KitKat OS is already adopted by Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Some Moto X users especially those on Verizon Wireless are also enjoying it these days. It is expected that some other Android devices would follow suit in the coming days.

Another HTC One attraction

Aside from that, HTC One is also rolling out its special edition HTC One Gold. The new product is now initially available across Europe targeting pre-orders. However, it should be clarified that this one is different from the limited edition HTC One gold that was launched last month for the MOBO Awards held in Glasgow. Only five of those were ever produced.

The gold-plated HTC One was first unveiled in September, just a few days following the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 5S gold. The HTC One still comes with the main features that users have loved about HTC One. But it could have slight physical and internal improvements.

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