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HTC M8: “The All New HTC One” Set to Overwhelm the Market

HTC M8: “The All New HTC One” Set to Overwhelm the Market


HTC M8: “The All New HTC One” Set to Overwhelm the Market

HTC is ready to unveil its ace card in the market soon. It will launch “The All New HTC One” somewhat later in the month. The official release is set to be on March 25, and till then, teasers and leaks will build the excitement towards it. HTC provided a kind of teaser about the dual camera setup yesterday. Today, we can see the leaked images offering a glance at the same setup.

We can easily observe the back of the set from the images. The front is also visible to an extent. The images are not clear though with some pixilation. However, this is due to attempts of hiding the source of these images.

Among the images, the most interesting is the right most snapshot that shows the benchmarks.

According to the benchmarks, this set is standing tall in the market. The figures show it to be higher than even Galaxy Note 3 with a score more than 36000. However, these statistics will make plenty of people carry skepticism about it.  However, these bars are believed to be accurate and the real deal.

The angled image at the top of the handset makes us believe that it is certainly a good set. “All The New HTC One” is attracting the eyes of a huge number of people with its grace and outlook. Only the time will tell about its actual popularity when it is released later this month. The interested people would be waiting quite anxiously for the end of the March to avail this wonderful handset.

No authentic news can be reported with respect to the specs of the new handset of HTC. However, there are some rumors about the specifications also. The latest edition of HTC One would carry 5-inch 1080 display. Such a great resolution would amount to great experience for watching movies and taking snapshots. Snapdragon 801 Processor would provide good speeds for carrying out general tasks and other special tasks.

Adreno 300 graphics would combine very well with the screen resolution to lend great experience for users. 2GB of RAM would be enough to carry out many tasks efficiently. The latest version of OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Sense 6 would be great for many apps. In short, this new HTC One would sweep the market of smartphones as soon as it is launched if the rumors and leaked images are depicting true pictures about it.

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