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HTC Kicks Off ‘Hot Deals’ Promo that will Run Every Tuesday

HTC Kicks Off ‘Hot Deals’ Promo that will Run Every Tuesday


HTC Kicks Off ‘Hot Deals’ Promo that will Run Every Tuesday

HTC Kicks Off ‘Hot Deals’ Promo that will Run Every TuesdayThe holiday shopping season is just around the corner. This is the time of the year when most of us finalize our shopping list not just for the Christmas but more for the upcoming Black Friday.

HTC obviously does not want to get left behind. It has kicked off a steep discount promo dubbed as ‘Hot Deals.’ Here’s how it goes. Every Tuesday, the device manufacturer would offer one of its popular devices at a steep discount. The catch is trickier: the offer would only last for a day.

Attractive offer

The offer could feature a markdown as high as 50% off the usual tag price of a selected device for the day. It could possibly be higher than that. Orders can be placed by 9 in the morning every Tuesday until 9 in the evening of the same day.

Moreover, the ‘Hot Deals’ promo is slated to last for only nine weeks. That means that consumers would have to watch out for the next special offer from the company in the next Tuesdays to come. Still, it should be clarified that at times, supplies could last faster.

Promo launch

The promo started last Tuesday (November 4). During the day, the company sold a limited number of its popular 16GB Nexus 9 tablets. Take note that the offer price on promo was just $199. That translated to a markdown as steep as 50%.

HTC did not reveal how many units of the device it actually sold at that steep discount within the day. But on that special Tuesday, it made sure that all purchasers who did not make it to the initial set of inventory for the promo would still enjoy a $50 discount when they purchase the item until midnight that same day. Still not bad for an offer, right.

The Nexus 9 tablet just arrived in the market on Monday (November 3). It is now on sale through Best Buy, Amazon, and Google Play. The 16GB version has a normal price tag of $399. The 32GB iteration is available for $479.  

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