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HP’s Sprout Is a 3D-Scanner With a Completely Touch Interface

HP’s Sprout Is a 3D-Scanner With a Completely Touch Interface


HP’s Sprout Is a 3D-Scanner With a Completely Touch Interface

HP's Sprout Is a 3D-Scanner With a Completely Touch InterfaceHP has introduced the company’s new vision for the world of computing and 3D printing with its Blended Reality ecosystem. The first of the company’s product in the new ecosystem is the HP Sprout, a new type of PC that uses a completely touch interface instead of a keyboard and/or mouse.

The Sprout combines a 3D scanner, a depth sensor, a high resolution camera, and a projector to create its unique 20-point capacitive touch mat interface where users can scan and capture objects in 3D and then  manipulate them using the touch mat or a stylus. Users will also be able to type using the touch mat with a software projected keyboard. The Sprout’s screen is 23-inch touchscreen and the whole machine is powered by a 4th generation Intel i7 processor and 1TB of storage.

“We live in a 3D world, but today we create in a 2D world on existing devices,” said Ron Coughlin, senior vice president, Consumer PC & Solutions, HP. “Sprout by HP is a big step forward in reimagining the boundaries of how we create and engage with technology to allow users to move seamlessly from thought to expression.”

With the unveiling and the release of Sprout, the company is also opening the Sprout Marketplace, a dedicated application marketplace for Sprout where users can purchase and download Windows-based applications  designed specifically for Sprout’s dual-screen interface. Some of the apps currently available on the Sprout Marketplace include Martha Stewart CraftStudio, DreamWorks Animation Story Producer, Crayola’s Draw & Sing, GestureWorks Gameplay, and HP-developed Create, Collaborate and Capture which lets users “capture physical objects, manipulate them in a digital environment, and collaborate and share their creations in new ways.”

Sprout by HP is now open for pre-orders at and will be officially available for purchase in select retail locations and at on November 9 for an SRP of $1,899.99.

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