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HP Marks Down SlateBook x2 Price Tag to $395 until March 15

HP Marks Down SlateBook x2 Price Tag to $395 until March 15


HP Marks Down SlateBook x2 Price Tag to $395 until March 15

For the first time, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is dropping the price of a new model tablet/notebook combo into the elusive $300 price range. The PC manufacturer is getting more aggressive to implement overall savings to consumers of a whopping $85. And that would be for the 6-month old HP SlateBook x2.

Price-conscious consumers should enjoy an 18% markdown on the price tag of the new slatebook. The on-site discount the company offers is equivalent to 14.6% of the total price tag, translated to $70 deduction. That brings the price to $409.99.

But wait, there’s more. HP is offering another $15 off exclusively to those using the LogicBuy coupon code. Thus, the total price tag of the HP SlateBook x2 drops further to $394.99. As mentioned, that is the cheapest price the company has ever offered on a relatively new model.

Great deal

The deal offers the reliable security or purchasing directly from the retailer. It even comes with a 1-year limited warranty on the hardware. If you think that is all about it, sit back and enjoy. Shoppers would still save money, this time on the free shipping offer, which is already included in the tag purchase price.

However, HP is putting pressure to frugal and price-conscious customers. This limited offer would only last until Saturday, March 15. That means that you have just one more day to take advantage of this price-drop offer. HP reminds its customers to remember the code LOGICBUY15HP.

SlateBook x2

HP SlateBook x2 is a tablet and notebook combination. One of its most distinct physical features is its light weight. As an Andropid-powered machine, it has the fast Tegra 4 processor. It also comes with a clearer screen resolution, two memory card slots, and a comfortable keyboard.

When it was launched on August, the slatebook commanded a tag price of $479.99. It has remained in the mid-$400 price range since then. On Amazon, its price tag went down to $426.27 in late August from $452.46 on August 18. By mid-December, several third-party retailers started offering it on a one-time low tag price of $409.99.

Several third-party retailer Websites also sell it at a low tag of $419.60. eBay offers slightly cheaper price at $399.99. However, the online shopping store charges $24.58 as shipping fee, making the total purchase price up to $424.57. Authorized retailers sell slightly used and refurbished models of the slatebook within a price range of $376.04 to $399.49. 

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