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HP Declares War Against Apple’s MacBook With Its Ultra Thin & Light Laptop

HP Declares War Against Apple’s MacBook With Its Ultra Thin & Light Laptop
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HP Declares War Against Apple’s MacBook With Its Ultra Thin & Light Laptop

HP has their eyes on the world’s leading technology firm, Apple, and its range of MacBook products. Having launched its thinnest ever laptop at the International Luxury conference in Paris on Tuesday, the company believes that its latest release will take on the mantle of industry pioneer from the Cupertino firm.

In an interview to The Wall Street Journal ahead of the launch, HP’s PC Chief, Coughlin made bold claims that, “for years, Apple has been seen as the innovator and the driver of innovation, (but now), HP is really taking over the mantle.”

The highlighted factor of HP’s latest laptop is its ultra thin body, measuring way thinner than it previous laptop, which was less than half an inch in thickness. When compared to Apple’s MacBook, HP’s laptop feels much thinner and lighter as a laptop.

Market study reveals that most of the people prefer the simplicity of functionality and usage of tablets that work like a laptop. Apple was the first company to introduce a simplified and refreshed MacBook last year. But HP is now geared up to give a tough competition to Apple with its new hardware, according to The Verge.

IBTimes reports that HP is the biggest PC maker in the United States today. Research conducted by IDC shows that the California-based company holds 28.1 percent market share and is the world’s second biggest PC manufacturing firm after Lenovo.

Apple, on the other hand, saw a massive growth in sales after the introduction of iPhones and iPads. But tablet and iPhone sales slowed down drastically and so the company is seeking ways to offer customers a whole new range of devices to meet the market’s challenging needs, including convertibles, detachable and 2-in-1 devices.

Just like Apple, HP plans to bring a revolutionary change to its products with its extremely light and thin laptop to the market. The company has already proved this year that it can produce highly thin laptops with the new Elitebook Folio, measuring 12.7mm in thickness. It is, therefore, to be seen how the latest laptop does in the consumer market.

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