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HP Announces a Recall of Millions of PC Power Cords Worldwide

HP Announces a Recall of Millions of PC Power Cords Worldwide


HP Announces a Recall of Millions of PC Power Cords Worldwide

HP Announces a Recall of Millions of PC Power Cords WorldwideHewlett-Packard (HP) has announced a recall of millions of AC adapters and power cords of its PC products. The company warned that affected units may be at higher risk of overheating and possible fires.

This move is set to affect up to six million AC power cords that have been distributed globally. Those accessories have come with notebooks (HP and Compaq) and mini notebook PCs. The recall also includes AC adapters with accessories like docking stations that have been released from September 2010 to June 2012.

Global product recall

In a statement, the PC manufacturer admitted that power cords that it may have shipped with PC and notebook products in the past, as well as AC adapters, may pose risks of fire. Thus, those may be hazardous to affected customers. It added that this recall is part of its commitment to bring about the highest service quality to its notebook customers.

Replacement of power cords and AC adapters will be provided to affected customers. Are you wondering if you are among the affected customers? You may check your HP PCs and look for the code ‘LS-15’ imprinted in the power cords (at the end part). However, be reminded that not all LS-15 power cords are among the affected units.

Reaching HP

Those customers who think they are affected and who think their power cords or AC adapters are at risk of catching fire can start contacting HP’s support desk at toll-free (877) 219-6676. Customer service representatives will be available to entertain phone calls from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on weekdays.

You can also reach HP online. Just go into the company’s Website online to provide the required information. Qualified customers who are eligible for replacement would get an advice from HP  representatives about how they can immediately get the replacement.

According to data from the US Consumer product Safety Commission, the PC maker has already received 29 reported cases of overheating power cords Some of those have reportedly melted or charred. There are also two claims of incurred minor burns and up to 13 claims of property damage (minor cases). 

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