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HP and Intel Prepare for the demise of Windows XP Next Year

HP and Intel Prepare for the demise of Windows XP Next Year


HP and Intel Prepare for the demise of Windows XP Next Year

HP and Intel-Windows XPFor quite some time now, Microsoft Corp has been heralding the end of its 12-year old and still popular Windows XP operating system. The software giant has already declared that the expiration of the program has long been overdue. This time, the company is not alone anymore on its call for users to migrate into newer operating systems.

Microsoft has already announced plans to pull the plug on Windows XP on April 8, 2014. It is giving the users of the operating system more time to do ample preparation for the retirement of the program. The company has always been advising Windows XP users to use a newer program so that they would continue enjoying all the support system that Microsoft brings about to its software.

HP and Intel

Hewlett-Packard and Intel have also expressed their support for the initiative. In fact, both companies recently declared that they are doing their respective preparations to be ready when Windows XP users finally decide to abandon the program over a newer one.

No less than HP chief executive officer Meg Whitman was quoted as saying that the PC manufacturer has been among the top industry leaders that spearhead that anticipated migration to XP. Ms. Whitman also revealed that HP has been working on the XP replacement for more than a year already.

For its part, Intel also announced plans to end support for Windows XP by April 2014. The chipmaker is also advising users to switch to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to ensure undisrupted usage of Microsoft suite and other programs.

Still popular OS

It should be noted that XP has become the oldest operating system from the company.  Interestingly, it remains as among the most popular to date. Up to this day, the program is still being used by about 31.22% of all desktop computers worldwide, according to information released by Net Applications.

In comparison, Windows 7 accounts for up to 46.64% of the operating system market. Windows Vista is used by 3.5% of users, while Windows 8 is preferred by about 6.60% of PC users. To complete the list from Microsoft, the latest system, Windows 8.1 accounts for 2.64% of users.

Meanwhile, Apple Inc’s operating systems are still far from any of the Microsoft operating systems. The new program Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks has been adopted by just 2.42% of PC users, while Mountain Lion 10.8 accounts for just 1.85% of PC desktops.

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