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HP 3D Printers: 10 Times Faster Than Any 3D Printer – Report

HP 3D Printers: 10 Times Faster Than Any 3D Printer – Report
3D printing out of NX on HP printer Siemens PLM Software / Flickr cc


HP 3D Printers: 10 Times Faster Than Any 3D Printer – Report

After teasing for two years that it would soon be coming up with 3D printing systems that are technologically superior as well as cost effective, HP 3D Printers are now in production and will soon be launched!

HP has unveiled the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution that boasts of working at 10 times the speed of 3D printers available in the market, and at half price, reports FirstPost.

At RAPID 2016, the 3D manufacturing conference in Florida, the company elaborated on the kind of tech its newest range of 3D printers would be using. It uses a wide array of colors to print at a layer of nylon powder, at 340 million 3D pixels or voxels per second, by using HP’s inkjet printing technology.

According to TechCrunch, HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution has been designed to aid small manufacturing units to elevate their production capabilities and maintain low production costs at the same time. However, overambitious as ever, HP has set its eyes toward an even futuristic tech, when the parts developed by the 3D printers can be incorporated into finished products instead of prototypes.

HP reveals its future plans for 3D printing by stating:

“HP’s vision for 3D printing is the revolution of part manufacturing and the part distribution supply chain. In the near term, accelerating the creative process by making far more useful parts available to a much broader audience. And in the longer term, disrupting supply chains with 3D printing technology. In order for that disruption to occur, there must be significant changes in the economics of 3D printing and in the standards for maintaining quality.”

However, since the company is a household name, it was kind of expected that HP 3D printers would cater to the masses, not just to meet industrial requirements. But as of now, the dream of having 3D printers set up at educational institutions and cyber cafes is a tall ask.

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