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How To Reduce Data Consumption On Your Android Smartphone

How To Reduce Data Consumption On Your Android Smartphone
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How To Reduce Data Consumption On Your Android Smartphone

We tend to use more data compared to calls and messages. Data changes often cross the limit you have permitted yourself, and that can be quite painful at the end of the month.

If you think you have nothing else to do but take an unlimited data plan, there are some solutions you can try before making a switch. Try eating up less data and use your smartphone in a different way to save phone bills. It is quite possible to reduce data consumption on an Android smartphone.

Chrome Data Compression can be helpful

For most Android users, Google Chrome is a regular name. You can just turn on Data Compression on Chrome and reduce data usage by around 50%. To add more to it, this will also make browsing faster on your device.

Use Opera Max

Opera is one of the major competitors of Google when it comes to browsers. Opera has introduced Opera Max that can compress data for all apps on your smartphone. The data management app can reduce the data consumption by 50% for most devices.

Use Wi-Fi

The best way to save data is to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. Search for available Wi-Fi connection whenever possible and you will end up saving a lot of phone bills. Update apps via Wi-Fi only.

Restrict Background Data

Background data helps your device stay updated even when it is not in use. There are some apps you want to stay connected to but not all will require you to be updated. You can choose which apps you don’t want to be using background data from the settings. Go to settings, choose data usage and select the app in question. If the background data in the app is too high, then turn it off. The switch labeled “Restrict app background data” will do the deed for you.

Stop your mobile from automatic syncing

Your mobile sometimes syncs data to your social media accounts and look for server connection for all time. You can save around 20% data if you stop automatic syncing.

You will surely reduce data consumption on your Android smartphone and see changes in your bill.

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