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How To Merge, Unmerge Chrome Tabs In Lollipop

How To Merge, Unmerge Chrome Tabs In Lollipop
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How To Merge, Unmerge Chrome Tabs In Lollipop

For Android users, Chrome is no doubt an efficient browser with power, flexibility and simplicity. However, if you are using Android 5.0+ then you can have chance to experience its best features. One of the best abilities of Chrome is to synchronize all user data across multiple devices, making it really simple to have the same tabs open on each of your devices. However, this facility might become a hindrance depending on how you use your devices and how organized you wish to be.

People who are organized at work can have lots of benefits from the sync feature of Chrome, but if you are someone who keeps thousands of tabs open all the time, it might be irritating for you to reopen them as you login to another device.

For the Lollipop release, Chrome comes with some added features that allow users to customize the features according to their preferences. One of them is designed for handling tabs in a way that best suits your needs. Previously, Chrome used to keep all the opened tabs in a single app; but now, each of the Chrome tabs are given their own place under the multitasking panel. In case you really find it hindering your work, you might like to turn it off. The next part will tell you how to merge and unmerge the Chrome tabs.

Merging Chrome Tabs on Lollipop

– First of all, ensure that your device is running the latest Chrome version. Otherwise, you will not find the options as mentioned herein.

– Open the Chrome browser on your device and go to Menu. It is located at the top-right side of the window.

– While in the Menu, tap on Settings.

– Tap the “Merge tabs and apps” option and turn it to“Off.” You are done. Now the tabs will appear under the Chrome app like the previous version.

Unmerging Chrome Tabs on Lollipop

In case you ever feel like opening the tabs separately, you can switch the “Merge tabs and apps” option under the Settings menu to “On” to unmerge them.

So now you know how to handle Chrome tabs better in Lollipop.

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