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How To Hack Tesla Cars: Tesla’s New Software Flaws, To Be Revealed By Hackers

How To Hack Tesla Cars: Tesla’s New Software Flaws, To Be Revealed By Hackers
Tesla Model S Maurizio Pesce/Flickr CC BY 2.0


How To Hack Tesla Cars: Tesla’s New Software Flaws, To Be Revealed By Hackers

The dates are August 6-9, and the event is called DefCon.

Two digital security professionals, Marc Rogers of CloudFlare research, and Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder of Lookout, will reveal next month the new digital vulnerabilities of Tesla cars, even before the company has done something about them.

Forbes reported that one of the six flaws discovered by Rogers and Mahaffey has been fixed by Tesla already.

Hackers are into the Tesla systems because they are very secure and seem impenetrable. Hacking leads to open-book declaration of security breaches that might affect the performance of the cars and safety of the passengers. Plus, it won’t hurt to actually get a chance to personalize your Model S. So the challenge is always fun.

In their press release for the conference, they two mentioned a disclaimer saying “With great access comes great responsibility – In other words we are not responsible for any Tesla Model S bricked by over enthusiastic attendees of this talk.”

Last year, at the SyCan conference, held in Beijing, organizers openly invited hackers from around the world to try getting into the Tesla Model S. The price was $10,000, but Forbes noted that Tesla is not a fan of such public display of weaknesses.

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About the ‘hackers’

DefCon noted the following about Rogers and Mahaffey:

Marc Rogers aka Cyberjunky has been a prominent member of the hacking scene since the 80’s.  Some of his most notable achievements are co-founding the notorious British hacker group, “The Agents of a Hostile Power” and his role in creating and appearing in the award winning BBC TV series “The Real Hustle”. Marc’s professional career spans more than twenty years, including a decade managing security for the UK operator Vodafone. Marc is currently the principal security researcher for web optimization and security company “CloudFlare. As well as his work in the infosec and telecoms industries, Marc has also been a CISO in South Korea and co-founder of a disruptive Bay Area start-up. Some of Marc’s notable recent hacks include Google Glass, Apple TouchID and most recently the Tesla Model S.

Kevin is an entrepreneur and technologist with a background in mobile and web technology, security, and privacy. He is the CTO of Lookout, a company dedicated making the world a safer place as it becomes more connected, starting with smartphones and tablets. He co-founded Lookout in 2007 and is responsible for driving Lookout’s technology to protect people from current and future threats while keeping the product simple and easy to use. He started building software when he was 8 years old and it has been a love affair ever since. Kevin is a frequent speaker on security, privacy, mobile, and other topics.

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