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How To Get Away With Murder Season 3: Oliver Is Alive, Frank To Die – Report

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3: Oliver Is Alive, Frank To Die – Report
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How To Get Away With Murder Season 3: Oliver Is Alive, Frank To Die – Report

The mystery now takes a shocking twist as Season 3 of “How to get away with Murder” continues, with an increase in the count of dropped mysteries. An unidentified dead body has been revealed to the viewers.

A character theorised that the mysterious body found is that of Oliver’s. But , to great relief he is safe and even comes over to check for everyone’s safety at the crime scene. He was asked by Annalise to wipe the evidence from her cell phone.

According to SpoilerTV, an outrageous discovery puts into question everything that had happened on the night of the fire. Among the Keating  5 anyone can be in the body bag.

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Although Connor’s boyfriend is safe as per Zap2it , he still lingers on the possible list of victims with Asher, Lauerl, Wes and Michaela. However, it is believed that since they have important parts to play they ought to be safe for the development of the story. Fans of “How to get away with murder” believe that amongst all the students it’s the chosen students of Annalise who should be the safest.

Whereas, Nate, Bonnie and Frank are anticipated to be amongst the next to die in the Television Series.  Annalise’s screaming in pain after looking at the body makes it more evident that the person is a close aid of hers. When Bonnie’s house was burned she was probably trapped in the defense attorney’s house. Her nature to do anything for the boss probably led her to sacrifice herself in order to save Annalise.

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Whereas, Nate might have died fighting with the suspect after catching him while on his usual visit to his lover at night. But to all the other probabilities it is this one with Frank that strikes us the most and his death has the highest chance of happening in this season since he seemed to go against Annalise. He had even killed the man hired by her.

So it’s debatable but the breath holding mystery continues as to whether fans have to bid farewell to Frank in the 3rd episode of this epic drama series of “How to get away with Murder.”

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