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How To Download Music From Spotify

How To Download Music From Spotify
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How To Download Music From Spotify

Online music streaming is quite popular these days, and with big tech giants investing in the market, more features and improved experience can be expected. Spotify is one of the best, if not the best, music streaming service with a free wing of service that allows users stream varieties of music online. However, downloading music from Spotify may be a bit difficult if you don’t have the step-by-step guideline.

The Pre-requirement

In order to download music from Spotify, you need to have a tool that would record sound on your computer. A wide range of tools is available online so it is not necessary to purchase one. You will find a whole range of free apps that will serve the purpose.

Starting with the Downloading Process

Check out the latest and updated guideline for downloading music from Spotify. This is a tried-and-tested method of downloading music from the streaming service.

Step 1: Considering you have already downloaded the recording tool and you have a Spotify account, let’s start with arranging tracks that you want to download. Make a separate playlist for that so that it becomes easy for you to download.

Step 2: The next thing you need to do is to open your recording software. Press the record button before you start playing the song.

Step 3: Start playing the songs one by one, your recording software will be recording all the songs that are played. Wait till all songs are played and recorded.

Step 4: In case your recording tool does not recognize the song that you have recorded, you can rename the song accordingly.

Step 5: Once you have done recording, you can now convert the song to the desired format with the help of a conversion tool.

Step 6: Once the song is converted into the format that you wanted, you are free to use the song.

It’s not going to be difficult if you are recording songs using a good recording software. So choosing the right one will be the determining factor.

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