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How The New Facebook Tool Helps You Get Over An Ex

How The New Facebook Tool Helps You Get Over An Ex
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How The New Facebook Tool Helps You Get Over An Ex

Facebook is introducing a tool that will limit your ex’s presence on your profile. Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook’s new tool.

Facebook always tries to make our lives easier, as with each passing day, our world seems to be getting more complicated. The social media giant keeps changing the way it works and the way its community uses the website. Here comes another change. Facebook’s new feature has been introduced with relationship breakups in mind.

The new tool is still in its testing phase. Facebook has only confirmed that it will help users restrict how much they see their exes on the site. There will be no need to add more bitterness on the broken relationship. As per the post on Facebook’s Newsroom, here is what this new tool will allow you to do:

  1. See less of your ex’s name

  2. See less of his/her profile picture

  3. Not allow his/her posts on your News Feed

  4. His/Her name won’t show up when (1) you are writing a new message and when (2) you are tagging people in photos.

This is all about restricting the information you see. Now let’s move to the information he/she can see. With the help of these tools, you will be able to limit the videos, status updates or photos your ex can see. You will also be able to untag yourself from the posts published in the past by that person. Facebook says, “We’re starting to test these tools today in the US on mobile, and we’ll make changes and roll them out further based on people’s feedback. All of these tools are optional, and people will be able to access them in the help center anytime.”

So don’t be surprised if suddenly, your Facebook app asks you to change your settings to get rid of your past.

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