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How Pizza Can Change Lives: A Grandson Ordered Pizza For Grandma To Check Her Safety

How Pizza Can Change Lives: A Grandson Ordered Pizza For Grandma To Check Her Safety
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How Pizza Can Change Lives: A Grandson Ordered Pizza For Grandma To Check Her Safety

Almost everyone in this world loves pizza but who ever knew pizza could be a way of saving someone from worrying all night?

An anxious but thoughtful grandson did this to her grandmother who is living alone in Palm Coast, Florida where there was an ongoing natural disaster.

Hurricane Matthew left Florida with damaged infrastructures, impaled communications and unfortunately four people dead. This was the reason why residents have no way of reaching out to their families to inform that they are safe and sound. This includes Claire Olsen.

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In an interview with WFTV, the delivery guy stated how it all happened. It was a normal day of getting pizza deliveries in Papa John’s headquarters but little did they know that they were about to reconnect a bridge.

Lance Tyler, the delivery guy on duty, received a special instruction from Nebraska. The note indicated on the delivery slip is, “Please call 407*** when you get to the house”

Claire Olsen, 87, unexpectedly got a fresh pizza delivered right next to her door. She almost did not open the door since she was not expecting anyone to come. As she saw the pizza, she said “I didn’t order anything.”

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This was the time Tyler said, “But your grandson did” and dialed the phone number then gave it to the old lady. When she answered the phone, her grandson said, “I was worried about you. You must be hungry by now.”

Eric Olsen, who is Claire’s thoughtful grandson, is currently living in Nebraska. He said he hasn’t talked to his grandmother for two days since the hurricane happened but he is now relieved- all because of a pizza. Big thanks to Papa John’s delivery guy who followed orders without a single doubt. Now we know how to contact our loved ones despite of tragedies like this.

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