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How Many Millions Of Dollars Will Hulu Pay For ‘Seinfeld’?

How Many Millions Of Dollars Will Hulu Pay For ‘Seinfeld’?
Alan with Jerry Seinfeld Photo by Alan Light/Flickr CC BY 2.0


How Many Millions Of Dollars Will Hulu Pay For ‘Seinfeld’?

“Seinfeld,” one of the most iconic television shows in the U.S., is coming back courtesy of Hulu.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the online video service company has struck what is possibly one of the most important deals for its business. People familiar with the matter have revealed that Hulu’s formal announcement will occur on Thursday during a special event in New York.

So how did Hulu manage to get its hands on the Jerry Seinfeld show?

A terms of sale amounting to $700,000. That is, if sources are to be believed. According to the report, Hulu is prepared to shell out the amount per episode.

It should be noted that other companies who are part of the bidding include Amazon and Yahoo.

On the other hand, Netflix seems to comfortable with its recent deal with “Friends.” The company is paying $500,000 for each episode.

As for Hulu, it is prepared to pay more or less $126 million should it decide to get all 180 episodes of “Seinfeld.”


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