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Hoverboards Recalled! Swagway X1 Model, Hovertrax, Back To The Future & More

Hoverboards Recalled! Swagway X1 Model, Hovertrax, Back To The Future & More
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Hoverboards Recalled! Swagway X1 Model, Hovertrax, Back To The Future & More

Hoverboards from at least 10 companies are being recalled today. As much as 501,000 units are said to be affected.

Fire hazard is said to be the main reason the hoverboards are currently facing an immediate recall. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said that these self-balancing scooters may overheat or pose a risk of smoking. Moreover, they can catch fire and even explode.

Today, CPSC said that there are already as much as 99 incidents of the lithium-ion battery packs in hoverboards overheating, catching fire, sparking, smoking and exploding. In some cases, users have suffered burn injuries, while others had properties damaged.

The hoverboards affected by the recall are said to be manufactured in China. Companies included in the recall include manufacturer/importers Digital Gadgets LLC of Monroe, New Jersey; Hoverboard LLC of Scottsdale, Arizona; Hype Wireless of Edison, New Jersey; Keenford Ltd. of Hong Kong; PTX Performance Products USA of Irvine, California; Razor USA LLC of Cerritos, California; Swagway LLC of South Bend Indiana and Yuka Clothing of Miami Florida.

CPSC has said that the only affected retail store is Boscovs of Reading, Pennsylvania. On the other hand, online retailer from Salt Lake City, Utah is also affected.

According to the recall statements, Digital Gadgets has received 17 incident reports regarding battery packs in hoverboards overheating. In connection to these, there have been two reports of burn injuries as well as two reports of property damage. On the other hand, Hoverboard LLC said they have received 27 reports of their hoverboards overheating, sparking and smoking. They’ve also received a report of property damage, although no cases of injuries have so far been reported.

Meanwhile, Swagway said they have received 42 incident reports of battery packs catching fire, smoking and/or exploding. This has resulted to 16 reports of severe property damage and injuries, including burns to the arm, leg, and neck.

The various models of affected hoverboards were said to have been sold between June 2015 and May 2016. These models were priced between $350 and $900. CPSC is advising all affected consumers to immediately stop using the recalled hoverboards and to contact their respective hoverboard company for a full refund. At the same time, customers can also opt for a free repair or replacement, depending on the hoverboard model.

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