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#HotDebateGuy Is Greg Caruso! Find Out More!

#HotDebateGuy Is Greg Caruso! Find Out More!
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#HotDebateGuy Is Greg Caruso! Find Out More!

His name is Greg Caruso, a 24-year-old University of Southern California graduate and an aspiring filmmaker.

Sorry, Donald Trump, but the hot guy behind Jake Tapper during the second republican primary debate hosted by CNN stole your supposed thunder – or thunders of other Republican hopefuls, for that matter. His name is Greg Caruso, a 24-year-old University of Southern California graduate and an aspiring filmmaker. He is the son of Rick Caruso, a billionaire California real estate developer.

According to CNN, Hot Debate Guy has no Facebook or Twitter and declined to reveal whether he has a girlfriend (or a boyfriend). Speaking with CNN, Caruso said his friends and family were the ones who told him that he was the one trending on Twitter, all the while that the Republican candidates were furiously debating against each other.

“It’s pretty hilarious. Social media can focus on some guy at the debate instead of the debate,” Caruso told CNN. Asked about the debate, Caruso said he is a fan of Ronald Reagan and George Bush. He however has not set an eye to a candidate that he will support come November 2016.

“I think out of everyone, (Bush) improved the most from the first debate. Carly Fiorina did a great job and was in her element. That was the highlight of the debate to watch her. She held her own,” Caruso said.

Morning News USA compiled the top 5 funniest tweet about Hot Debate Guy:

“Can we ask this guy his views? Or primarily what his ideal first date is?” tweets Sam Haines.

“Thinking of turning Republican for the hottie behind Jake Tapper, someone please stop me,” tweets Brett Ryback.

“The hot guy behind jake tapper must know he’s breaking the Internet because he’s blushing now,” according to Danielle Humphrey’s tweet.

“Everyone is saying #HotDebateGuy is named Greg Caruso and I’m just saying Kelly Caruso has a really nice ring to it,” Kelly Fitzpatrick said.

“I’m gonna miss you,” Julie said as the debate ended.

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