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Hot Romantic Scene With Sam Was Edited On ‘Bachelor Australia’ – Emily Simms

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Hot Romantic Scene With Sam Was Edited On ‘Bachelor Australia’ – Emily Simms

Emily Simms took to social media to show her dismay regarding editing a scene with Sam.

Viewers had a glimpse of Emily and Sam’s hot beach date, but Emily was dismayed “Bachelor Australia” didn’t really show the real score. With claims the scenes were highly edited, Emily took to Instagram to give us the hot parts we missed. So what really happened? Find out the details in this article.

It seems that “Bachelor Australia” is all heated up with the latest controversy of editing scenes. Emily Simms took to social media to show her dismay regarding editing a scene with Sam.

The episode featuring Emily’s one-on-one date with Sam was aired on Wednesday which left her disgruntled. She went straight on Instagram to post her disgrace.

Check out the highlight in Emily’s words

In the post she mentioned, “Can’t believe they didn’t show how much Sam and I were pashing in the water, on the sand, they didn’t show us wrapped around each other in the water! Pfttttt boring!!! Hahaha.”

The Lady made it a point to leak out “Bachelor Australia” behind-the-scenes action. She explained every bit of the date so that readers don’t feel sorry for not watching them.

She started by writing, “He first started kissing me on the paddle boards! We were standing on the same paddle board, he kissed me, we both fell off, I clocked him over the head with my paddle as we fell in the water!”

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Emily, one of the forerunners of the show, added, “Then in the water we were wrapped around each other kissing for a while, went into shore, got my next clue (which also wasn’t shown), then we went to where X marks the spot. We kissed again there when I got the bracelet. Then we played frisbee in the water for a while, kissed again. Went back to the picnic blanket, chatted, kissed. None of it was shown! Seriously such a waste of a hot date! Hahaha.”

Though the girl says it was a waste of a good date, we guess it was actually not. Emily is not happy with how she is showcased in the show. She thinks she is shown badly due to the editing.

The girl got furious last week too

Just after the last week’s episode aired, Simms took to her Instagram account to say, “I have been in tears tonight, not because of the nasty things social media trolls are saying (I wonder if any of you would be brave enough to say it to my face?), but because I am a very sensitive, kind and loving person.”

The third season of “Bachelor Australia” premiered on July 29. The third season is different from the previous two seasons in a sense that the contestants are allowed to use their social media accounts when the show is still running.

Network Ten, where the show is aired, had barred its contestants in the last 2 season from using any social media accounts when the show was aired. This time the policy was a bit lenient, which allowed us to get “Bachelor Australia” behind-the-scene actions.

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