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Tomi Lahren Claims ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is Similar To KKK Amid Dallas Shooting

Tomi Lahren Claims ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is Similar To KKK Amid Dallas Shooting
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Tomi Lahren Claims ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is Similar To KKK Amid Dallas Shooting

Tomi Lahren rubbed many the wrong way with her tweets, almost pitting the lives of police against the lives of African Americans. This may not be her intention, but there is now a petition to fire her from her hosting job.

After the harrowing incidents just this week alone, where police brutality against two innocent African American men made headlines, people are once again up in arms against police officers. Many naturally feel that those in blue have taken a special interest in killing off Black people and want them to pay.

Tomi Lahren however, is one of those who won’t have it. In a series of tweets, she fired at those who have been making the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter trend and claimed that they are being unjust to the police officers.

The craziest thing though is that she claimed those who espoused “Black Lives Matter” can be treated as the KKK! The tweet was quickly deleted but many already saw it and saved a screenshot. 

Whether or not it was her intention to prioritize the Blues over the Blacks, it does not matter. People now hate the guts of the Host of “Tomi” on TheBlaze.

For Tomi Lahren, the media and the American leaders should be ashamed of themselves for ever trying to “validate and embolden” those who want to fight with cops. She said police officers risk their lives everyday so they do not need this kind of war against them.

Apparently, she was reacting to the news that Dallas officers were shot dead after a rally, as reported by NBC.

Earlier on too, she took to her Facebook post to talk about why she is not on board with the Black Lives Matter movement. For her all lives matter.

Despite her good intentions, her blatant disregard for the plights of the many African Amricans everyday in light of police brutality rubbed people the wrong way it seems.  Even if she is not disregarding their problems, it certainly felt that way for those affected.

This is not the first time that Tomi Lahren irked many for her views. Her recent rant on Jesse Williams’ humanitarian award acceptance speech at this year’s BET Awards also sparked outrage.

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This is why there is now a petition against her to be fired and it is getting traction with regard the number of signatures. Her current hosting stint on TheBlaze is now in jeopardy.

“Tomi Lahren needs to be fired because her INHUMANE comments against anything African American continues to go on and no one does anything about it. She’s clearly impartial and should not be allowed to attack black people the way she has,” the petition reads.

It does not make sense to argue whose lives matter, Tomi Lahren probably got that right. However, claiming #BlackLivesMatter in light of the two incidents (among the countless others) of police brutality against African Americans is not going overboard and being overly dramatic either — as Lahren somehow implied.

The question is, what has the world come into? What has America come into that we are even arguing about this?

Below are some of her controversial tweets:

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