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Hornets Rumors: Sell Out Cody Zellar, Rope In Frank Kaminsky

Hornets Rumors: Sell Out Cody Zellar, Rope In Frank Kaminsky
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Hornets Rumors: Sell Out Cody Zellar, Rope In Frank Kaminsky

The Charlotte Hornets might try to trade Cody Zellar and draft Frank Kaminsky in their roster. With less than 24 hours to go for NBA drafts to kick off, rumors are ripe that the Hornets have shortlisted Kaminsky, college basketball player of the year, as their No 9 pick by shopping Zellar, according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski. People following college basketball are aware of the 22-year-old forward Kaminsky’s shooting prowess. The reigning Naismith award winner is a potential lottery pick in the upcoming NBA draft. The Hornets also look forward to recruit Nicolas Batum from the Portland Trail Blazers.

Some are skeptical about whether young Kaminsky will be able to transform to a star performer in NBA, but it’s one of the gambles Hornets are going to try out this season considering center Zellar only attempted two 3-pointers in his two seasons at Charlotte. Kaminsky is surely more capable of shooting from beyond the line. Last season saw the damage he did. While leading the Badgers to clinch the National Championship game, he shot over 41 percent on target from the 3-point range on 101 attempts. So there is a high probability that the gamble might work for the Hornets yielding rich dividends.

The Hornets will be hosting the 2017 All-star game.

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