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Homophobic Twitter Users Praise Omar Mateen, Orlando Shooter

Homophobic Twitter Users Praise Omar Mateen, Orlando Shooter


Homophobic Twitter Users Praise Omar Mateen, Orlando Shooter

While most Americans and other nations mourn the Orlando shooting, there are some people who are actually applauding the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Why? Because they are homophobic and believe gays deserve to die.

A search on Twitter would show that there were some people who were quite perversely pleased 50 people died and 53 more got injured in a brutal hate attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

A guy named Omar Saddiqui Mateen stormed the club and randomly opened fire at the patrons of the said club, which is a known gay club.

Some of the patrons were even held hostage, up until law enforcement officers were able to take him down.

The attack was so brutal that up until now, identifying the bodies is proving to be difficult. The victims are all people who were making a mark on their families, friends, co-workers, and the community, as reported by CNN.

But they’re now all dead because of a senseless crime.

While people all over have expressed their dismay and condemnation, popularizing hashtags such as #PrayForOrlando, #ThoughtsWithOrlando, and #OneWithOrlando, there are those who cannot contain their glee.

There are those who cannot stop using the situation for their political agenda. Because the shooter is alleged to be Muslim, some Trump supporters are using this attack to vindicate their point that Muslims should not be allowed in the country through a temporary ban of Muslims.

Others are trying to argue that the shooter was a Democrat, and attributing the blame to liberals, as reported by Syndey Morning Herald.

Then there are those who cannot care less who the shooter is, they think he is adorable and admirable — because he managed to kill gays.

Below are some of the more shocking tweets. We hope that they do not totally destroy our faith in humanity.

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