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Homeless Pianist Asks Jimmy Fallon For A Duet

Homeless Pianist Asks Jimmy Fallon For A Duet
Donald Gould from Donald Gould / Facebook


Homeless Pianist Asks Jimmy Fallon For A Duet

Donald Gould knows what it feels like to hit rock bottom. After a bitter struggle with addiction and homelessness, he has been given the ultimate second chance to rebuild his life all thanks to his wonderful talent: playing the piano.

In a camera shout out, Donald Gould asked The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for a duet. Gould singing “Come Sail Away” with Jimmy Fallon would definitely a performance worth watching.

The once homeless man from Sarasota, Florida could never have imagined in his wildest dreams what happened to him. Almost overnight, he went from being homeless in the streets and struggling with addiction to being famous all over the country.

According to News Channel 8, Donald Gould would often tell people that his odds of winning a $100 million jackpot on the lottery were much better than the chances of his life turning around. “You should always dream big,” he says with a smile knowing better than anyone how precious life is.

The now-famous musician has nearly lost his life while living in the streets of Sarasota. He lost contact with his friends and family while struggling daily trying to survive in the dark world he lived in.

Then one day, his skills in playing the piano made him an internet sensation. A video of Gould playing the piano in the streets of Sarasota, already routine for him was discovered and went on to be watched by millions.

Now, as many can see on the Facebook page bearing his name, his life has drastically changed. Gone are the days of struggling with addiction, Gould is now sober and a symbol of hope for many.

He has now regained contact with his estranged son and they now communicate once a week. He has also landed a recording contract with Triple Pop Records and has released his single that made him famous “Come Sail Away.”

After all, he has gained you would not think there’s anything else he could ask for. Surprisingly, Gould still has a dream yet to be fulfilled, a duet with a certain NBC late-night talk show host. It seems though that this dream might come true quite soon!

Watch the video here:


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