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Homeless People Burned Alive: Photos, Video Of Serial Killer Anthony Alexander Padgett

Homeless People Burned Alive: Photos, Video Of Serial Killer Anthony Alexander Padgett
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Homeless People Burned Alive: Photos, Video Of Serial Killer Anthony Alexander Padgett

In connection to the series of fatal attacks on homeless people, the San Diego Police Department have arrested Anthony Alexander Padgett of Chula Vista.

It was announced on Thursday afternoon that the 36-year-old man will be facing several counts of murder and attempted murder charges.

According to CBS News, the San Diego Police Department confirmed that they arrested Padgett with the help of information given to them. A possible motive behind the attacks on the homeless has not yet been discussed by the cops.

The Star News reported that earlier, Padgett had set his friend on fire while he was asleep. The incident took place near a Chula Vista market. Due to this ordeal, Padgett was given a four-year sentence and was fined $414 in 2010.

Police Captain David Nisleit said that it is undetermined if Padgett was homeless himself. However, investigators are confident that there are no more outstanding suspects in the case, Nisleit said.

The ABC reported that surveillance cameras inside a convenience store, at the location where the first victim was found, took images of a man police believed to be Padgett.

It was alleged that on Sunday, Padgett killed 53-year-old Angelo De Nardo of San Diego after setting his body on fire in an open area off the 2700 block of Morena Boulevard in Bay Park. According to the police, an autopsy confirmed that De Nardo died before he was set ablaze.

On July 4, at around 5 a.m., a transient named Manuel Mason was found bleeding from injuries on his upper body. He was found near Valley View Casino Center in the Midway district.

His condition is still critical, said Charlotte Observer.

Another homeless man Shawn Longley was found dead at a park on Bacon Street in Ocean Beach.

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