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Homeless Man Returns $676 To A Woman, Couldn’t Believe What Happened Next

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Homeless Man Returns $676 To A Woman, Couldn’t Believe What Happened Next

One homeless man never thought that returning $676 would end up changing his life.

Yesenia Del Valle found herself in a bit of trouble on Tuesday. She took out a money order amounting to $676 for her tax payment and suddenly could not find it. She said she even “tore her car apart” to try to locate the money order but it was just gone. In fact, she was quite sure that she would never see it again. Disappointed, Del Valle decided to head back home and tell her husband what had happened.

That night, however, Del Valle got an unexpected visitor. It was a man by the name of Sergio Juarez. He had knocked on her door and appeared with Del Valle’s missing money order.

It turns out Juarez had ended up parking right on top of Del Valle’s check. “My tire was on it. I looked at it and go [to my wife] ‘honey, I think this is a check,'” Juarez told ABC 10 News. That’s when Juarez decided to track Del Valle down and hand deliver what he had found. “I got scared. I was scared to open the door at first,” he admitted.

Del Valle was so appreciative of Juarez’s actions so she decided to give him $40. ” Take your wife to Denny’s,” she had told him. As he took the money, however, Juarez told Del Valle that he would actually be using the cash for gas. That’s when Del Valle realized that Juarez was in some financial trouble.

“When he said he was gonna use that money for gas. I knew he was strapped for cash,” Del Valle told CNN. Juarez’s answer prompted Del Valle to ask him how he was really doing. As it turns out, Juarez had been homeless for the past three years. He was living with his wife and children in a Motel 6 in Imperial Beach.

Juarez and his family had been struggling for some time now.

Juarez said his wife had been laid off from her job and he was also let go from his job as a custodian at Southwestern College. Meanwhile, he had also broken his arm while working at a temporary job and had been trying to make ends meet on disability. The family had been staying in a motel while Juarez continues to look for a full-time job. The just couldn’t afford a deposit on a home or apartment at the moment.

Del Valle decided to set up a GoFundMe page for Juarez.

When Del Valle heard of this, she was touched. “He chose to find me and hand deliver that $676 when he doesn’t even have money for bare necessities,” she explained. Juarez’s actions also inspired her to return the favor in a big way. That’s why she decided to set up a GoFundMe page for Juarez and his family. Today, that page has already secured more than $15,000 and Juarez. Finally, Juarez can turn his life around. “That day, he was my miracle. And then I ended up being his miracle,” Del Valle remarked.

According to Del Valle, Juarez has also received several job offers recently. Finally, some luck has come Juarez’s way.

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