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This Homeless Man Is Giving Away Money To Drivers

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This Homeless Man Is Giving Away Money To Drivers

When a top-level executive lost his job, he decided to do the unthinkable. He gave his entire final paycheck away.

Tim Owens had been living his dream life. He has a wife and three children. He also held a director-level position in a major media company. Then all of a sudden, things changed. “I never thought I would end up like this,” he remarked. Owens ended up getting laid off from his job.

“I had no prospects, nothing on the horizon,” Owens explained. When this happened, he came to a realization. There are other people out there who could use some help. That’s why Owens decided that the best thing to do was give away his entire final paycheck.

“So I took my last check, cash it and decided to give it all away,” Owens explained. He planned to give away all his final pay $50 at a time. Owens decided to do so because he felt like he got everything he needed. “I had a home. I had a family. I had so much.”

To make this happen, Owens decided to take a “big and bold step.” He got dressed and made himself up like a homeless man. As he stood in the middle of the road, he held up a sign that says: “It’s better to give than receive.”

Owens: I’ve got more than I need.

Owens stood there and approached various vehicles as the stoplight turned red. As he approached, some drivers would prepare to hand him a bill of their own. However, Owens would turn them away each time. He would say, “I’ve got more than I need, I’m good.” He would then proceed to explain that he is actually there to hand over money.

While in the middle of doing the good deed, Owens decided to look for cars that look beaten up. He knew that those with windows rolled down are the ones that probably have no A/C working. “Those are the easiest to approach because they couldn’t roll their window and tell me more.”

Today, Owens wants to do more good in the world by showing everyone more kindness. He has GoFundMe page that aims to raise $20,000 for the episode of his new docu-series “Being Human.” In each episode, Owen and/or a celebrity guest would head to a small town in American and “make their lasting need a reality in an extreme way.”

Owens is actually an award-winning director and cinematographer, according to his IMDb entry. Right now, he wants to make kindness the central plot of his next project.

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