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Homeland Security Turmoil Highlights Fiscal Issues

Homeland Security Turmoil Highlights Fiscal Issues
Obama speaking (19) Daniel Borman / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Homeland Security Turmoil Highlights Fiscal Issues


Image from Flickr by Daniel Borman

The fight between Republicans and President Obama has intensified and is likely to increase further in the coming months. Issues are plenty: Obama’s shielding of almost 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, debt ceiling issues, and bill-spending for environmental and other controversial issues.

After gaining control of both houses, Tea Party activists have started “to flex their muscles” when it comes to borrowing beyond $18 trillion limit. Any measure to borrow beyond this figure will be provided with a red flag. The Congress is waiting for its Sep 30. deadline to pass the spending bill, which will surely add to the $18 trillion debt.

On Friday, the situation was reminiscent of a dysfunctional government. The House rejected extension issues of the domestic Homeland security agency as countermeasure for Obama’s use of executive powers towards immigrant-related orders. A one-week extension has been passed late evening when House Democrats provided the necessary votes.

Congress was almost on the verge of partial shutdown on Friday night. Republicans were fractious and House Speaker John Boehner lost control over them, Reuters reported.

This can presage further trouble in the future, with Washington gearing up to fight for fiscal challenges on a grander scale. The Congress has to pass the spending bills within the next five to seven months as federal debt ceiling will be reached by that time.

Serious fallouts involving government shutdown or debt default, cannot be ruled out if issues are not handled effectively.

Republicans admit that fights revolve around election liability rather than a show of their prowess to govern responsibly.

Referring to the DHS fight Republican senator Mark Kirk said, “I would say that this battle should be the end of the strategy of attaching whatever you’re upset at the president about to a vital piece of government.”

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