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Home And Away Spoilers: Leah Critical, Maddy And Oscar Discover Feelings For Each Other

Home And Away Spoilers: Leah Critical, Maddy And Oscar Discover Feelings For Each Other
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Home And Away Spoilers: Leah Critical, Maddy And Oscar Discover Feelings For Each Other

“Home and Away” is set in Summer Bay, but it has moved quite a lot as viewers thoroughly enjoy the drama and romance in the show. As the show progresses to yet another fascinating week, we surge to bring you “Home and Away” spoilers right here.

In the last few episodes you have seen Josh buy some drugs after giving in to temptation. Leah and Zac are already in a financial crisis. Leah loses her work as Zac was unable to get the job of the principal. He is forced to cancel the loan he applied for. He is forced to borrow from Charlotte. The episode airing on July 28 will show Zac borrowing $20,000 from Charlotte. Evie and Josh make up after Josh promises not to take more drugs.

According to “Home and Away” spoilers for the week starting August 3, there will be romance brewing between Hannah Wilson and Chris Harrington. The storyline suggests an unlikely friendship between the two. The duo, who have been unlucky in love right all throughout, start growing closer as they work together to raise money for the banquet.

Chris, played by Johnny Ruffo, seems to be more curious about Hannah, played by Cassie Howarth. Chris and Hannah organize separate dates for the evening and the dates turn out to be disastrous. Irene suggests that the duo can actually be great couple but Hanna insists that they are just friends. Though she brushes off the idea but we can expect her to see Chris in a new light soon.

You will see Ash making his way to the safehouse. He finds Brax waiting for him there and they summarized that Gunno was behind the attack. They decide that it’s okay to let everyone think that Brax is dead. Phoebe breaks the news of Brax’s death to Andy and Josh. They lash out and refuse to comment on it.

Leah agrees to go through surgery. But things start to worsen as Leah struggles after internal bleeding. Nate, Hannah and Dr Gleeson try their best to get Leah back and her decision not to stay on life support is heavy on the minds of Zac and VJ.

The summary of next week’s “Home and Away” spoiler is that Maddy and Oscar discover their feelings for each other.

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