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Home And Away Spoilers: Brax Is Missing, Leah Goes Flatline

Home And Away Spoilers: Brax Is Missing, Leah Goes Flatline
Filming ‘Home and Away’ at Palm Beach, Sydney John Campbell / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Home And Away Spoilers: Brax Is Missing, Leah Goes Flatline

Next week’s episodes are a combination of a plot to kill someone, two people admitting they feel for each other, and Leah completing her surgery.

3rd August, Monday

Things get tough on Monday, August 3, as Hannah confesses to Leah she still feels for Sean. But instead of reaping support, she is made to understand it is not important anymore as Hannah is already with Andy.

The scene turns mysterious with a presence of a stranger who trails Ricky anywhere. Meanwhile, Kyle tips off Ricky on Brax’s escape plan and admits that when it comes to it, she will not hesitate in running with Brax. In the end, the vehicle used to transfer Brax has been run over by a black pick-up, pushing it off the road.

4th August, Tuesday

Tuesday’s episode is characterized with rage as Alf becomes furious upon learning that John organizes the surf carnival without his knowledge. Having taken back the reins, Alf finds himself upsetting everyone.

Meanwhile, the car from Monday’s episode is now under water and Brax manages to save one officer. He then dives again to rescue the driver, but he never resurfaces. A search operation for Brax has been launched but to no avail. Kat informs Ricky that Brax is missing and could be dead.

5th August, Wednesday

Ash arrives at the safehouse and finds himself at the company of Brax, who has been waiting for him. They both agree that Gunno planned the attack and Brax decides it would be best if everyone thinks he is already dead.

Ricky, unrelenting that there is no way Brax is coming back, starts packing up his belongings. Kyle then acts as the messenger, informing Braxton extended clan about Brax’s disappearance and the possibility that he drowned.

6th August, Thursday

Josh and Andy learn about Brax’s tragic end through Phoebe. They both get overwhelmed by the news and choose not to speak about what they feel.

Meanwhile, Leah’s surgery has completed but she comes out unresponsive. Her doctors hurry to stop her internal bleeding and just as they assume Leah is stable, her heart monitor goes flatline.

7th August, Friday

It is the last day of next week’s episode and “Home and Away” brings us to Leah being saved by Dr. Gleeson along with Hannah and Nate. VJ and Zac are outside, watching the scene nervously and mentally weighing in Leah’s decision not to put her on life support.

On to a lighter scene, Oscar and Maddy realize they feel for each other. Meanwhile at Summer Bay, people gather to bid Brax a goodbye toast but without Kyle, baby Casey and Ricky.

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