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Holocaust Survivor Fulfills Dream Of Singing National Anthem

Holocaust Survivor Fulfills Dream Of Singing National Anthem
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Holocaust Survivor Fulfills Dream Of Singing National Anthem

It was a dream come true for an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor when she sang the United States national anthem at a Major League Baseball game.

Hermina Hirsch sang the national anthem before the game between Detroit Tigers and Tampa Bay game at Comerica Part, Detroit.

“At my age, I figure that this would do it,” Hermina said. “I don’t want to die before I sing at a baseball game.”

You can the video here.

Hermina, a Czechoslovakia native, is a resident of Southfield, Michigan. In 1944, when she was only 17 years old, she and her family were sent to different concentration camps. Andrea Hirsch, her granddaughter, said Hermina and her elder sister were transferred to five concentration camps, including Auschwitz, the Associated Press reports.

In an email, Andrea wrote, “She was liberated from a concentration camp (she doesn’t remember the name) in either Germany or Poland on Jan. 21, 1945. She walked and hitched rides with strangers to get back to where she was born.”

After she was liberated, Hermina was introduced to Bernard Hirsch whom she married in 1947 in Košice. Subsequently, they came to New York. While two of her siblings traveled to Detroit, Hermina and her husband moved there in 1953.

Speaking about singing in front of thousands of people, she said, “If I lived through the concentration camp, it couldn’t be that bad.”

Hermina sings the national anthem during Holocaust survivor meetings in the Detroit area, as reported by CBS News.

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