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Hollywood-style Jewelry Heist Could Be Britain’s Biggest Ever

Hollywood-style Jewelry Heist Could Be Britain’s Biggest Ever
Image from Flickr by Aleksey Gnilenkov


Hollywood-style Jewelry Heist Could Be Britain’s Biggest Ever

Image from Flickr by Aleksey Gnilenkov

Image from Flickr by Aleksey Gnilenkov

The Hatton Garden jewelry heist that happened over the Easter weekend could be Britain’s biggest ever, bearing similarities with Hollywood movies. Victims of the robbery ranged from UK’s top football league members to renowned jewelers.

There is no official value yet on the stolen jewelries, but officials roughly estimate that the heist could amount to 200 million pounds or more than 300 million dollars.

Hollywood-style Hatton Garden Jewelry Heist

With the sophistication through which the Hatton Garden heist was staged, it could only be associated to a professional team of robbers, former Flying Squad chief Barry Phillips told Sky News.

“This has all the hallmarks of a TV or Hollywood film production. It was a highly organised, sophisticated crime,” Phillips said, further saying that there is high possibility that the stolen jewelries have already been shipped outside the country.

“If past jobs of this nature are taken into account, the thieves will have placed all of the jewelry prior to the robbery. That takes a high degree of organization on behalf of the villains,” he added.

His opinion was seconded by Neil Duttson, a diamond dealer who buys stones in behalf of private clients. Once these diamonds are re-cut, there is no way they can be traced.

“Once diamonds have been re-cut and polished there is no geological map. I imagine they will be sat on for six months. You can expect some cheap diamonds will be coming on the market soon,” Duttson said.

Top members of the UK football league maybe victims

According to an unnamed source, jewelers for Hatton Garden are doing commission for top UK footballers, their girlfriends and their wives. While detectives have yet to officially name the victims, the source said the footballers are likely players for top London football clubs.

“Players have almost unlimited spending power and love to outdo each other with extravagant purchases, especially where jewelry is concerned. It’s only natural they would go to the renowned craftsmen of Hatton Garden to place their orders,” the source told Sky News.

Lewis Malka, a diamond jewelry expert working in Hatton Garden, said one of his client’s antique bracelets was among the stolen goods. He added that most of the people who own the safe boxes are those from the jewelry trade.

“I know for a fact that some of my work colleagues have got boxes down there and we are talking about hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds in goods,” Malka said.

One of the victims who spoke under the condition of anonymity said he was extremely shocked. A watch he bought for his son, amounting to 5,000 pounds or more than 7,000 dollars, might have been stolen. He was just waiting for confirmation from detectives.

Another victim, Michael Miller, said he could have possibly lost 50,000 pounds worth of jewelry and watches.

According to local media, investigations are still ongoing.


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