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Holidays 2016: There’s A Unicorn In This Hot Chocolate And It’s Magical!

Holidays 2016: There’s A Unicorn In This Hot Chocolate And It’s Magical!
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Holidays 2016: There’s A Unicorn In This Hot Chocolate And It’s Magical!

It doesn’t matter if 2016 didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. Because Unicorn Hot Chocolate is here to make you forget everything and be happy again!

It’s the perfect marriage between your childhood fantasy and the ultimate holiday season drink! The frothy pink beverage in a cup over-spilling its sides with colorful marshmallow and sprinkles floating on it looks like it’s been made by an angel. It’s a heavenly drink!

Holidays 2016: Where can you get a Unicorn Hot Chocolate?

The super-cute concoction, however, has been put together by Joanna Czikalla, the owner of Crème And Sugar Café, California. Surprisingly, this is not the first unicorn-themed desert to be created by Czikalla’s shop.

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They already have deserts such as unicorn shake, unicorn, bark, unicorn kisses (are you having a unicorn crush already?) and the unicorn cake!

All of them are rainbow colored and look adorable, reports The Huffington Post. But they have never had a Unicorn Hot Chocolate before and for some reason, their recent creation has gone viral on social media.

Holidays 2016: People are loving it every which way.

People are fawning over the rainbow marshmallows causing the bubbly drink to spill right into the saucer. And it’s amazing how no one thought of coming up with a heavenly idea like this before.

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The ingredients list is as simple as it gets – milk, white chocolate and vanilla! But we believe that the secret ingredient for something that looks so heart-stoppingly cute has to be Love.

Czikalla told Cosmopolitan that she always stocks up on a variety of sprinkles like edible pearls and glitter and that is how she came up with the idea of Unicorn Hot Chocolate.

Even though the hot chocolate is merely dyed pink to compliment the marshmallows, the overall appeal of the drink has increased manifolds due to that trick.

People who have managed to get their hands on one of these hot chocolates have called it “unicorn magic”!

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