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Hoboken Train Crash Foreshadowed By Hacked Message: There May Have Been A Criminal Mastermind

Hoboken Train Crash Foreshadowed By Hacked Message: There May Have Been A Criminal Mastermind
NJ Transit trains at the Hoboken Terminal Aude / Wikimedia Commons cc

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Hoboken Train Crash Foreshadowed By Hacked Message: There May Have Been A Criminal Mastermind

The Hoboken train crash, which took place on Thursday, has become more controversial when it was found out that a strange emergency warning appeared before the incident.

Hours before the crash, an error message appeared on TV warning about a looming unspecified train crash.

“Civil Authorities have issued a Hazardous Materials Warning for The United States. Effective until September 29, 02:16 AM EDT. Would you. Could you. On a Train? Wait for further instructions,” the warning read.

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According to Common Sense Evaluation, the EMS went out during the night, hours before crash. It was shown by WKTV-NY by “accident” yesterday.

The warning was made for “hazardous materials.” There was also an attached tag that says, “Would you? Could you? On a Train.”

WKTV also came up with a statement which said that it was not an authorized FEMA alert but it seemed to be caused by a hack. It was also reported that they were currently cooperating with FEMA to find out the source of the hack.

Reddit users got together in an interesting thread, discussing certain conspiracy theories behind the Hoboken train crash. The thread begins with, “They are hiding something about the NJ train crash.”

The thread talked about a CNN report where it was mentioned that a transit worker from New Jersey, who was at the station, said that he heard a sound, which seemed like an “explosion.” The sound came as the lead car came into the station fast, crashing into the bumper block.

“It went up and over the bumper block, through the depot … and came to rest at the wall by the waiting room,” transit worker, Mike Larson, said.

The thread also stated that the “explosion-like” sound came before the train hit the bumper block and got derailed.

According to Snopes, three messages were delivered, which made the entire Hoboken train crash weirder. The first message was the hazardous material warning, the second error apparently came straight from the FEMA along with a National Location Code, which shouldn’t be on a test message.

However, a third message was released by the FEMA itself. It stated that FEMA did not send the message out. However, they would launch a full investigation into how their codes were hacked.

They are hiding something about the NJ train crash from conspiracy

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