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Hoboken Train Cause Of Crash: Train Uncontrollable, Terrorism A Possibility

Hoboken Train Cause Of Crash: Train Uncontrollable, Terrorism A Possibility
Hoboken Terminal, New Jersey Transit, Hoboken, NJ. John St John / Flickr cc


Hoboken Train Cause Of Crash: Train Uncontrollable, Terrorism A Possibility

The Hoboken train crash took place on Thursday morning during rush hour, severely injuring 100 commuters, including the engineer of the train.

According to Mike Larson, a machinist working for the New Jersey transit, the train was moving at a speed of 30 mph to a point where the train should have stopped. Larson said he was just thirty feet away from the train.

He added that the crash sounded like the explosion of a bomb.

“I really don’t know why he came in so quickly. I can only speculate it was a medical condition like a heart attack or something,” Larson said.

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Officials have informed that the train should not be traveling faster than 10 mph when it approached the station.

More strangely, the engineer of the train, Thomas Gallagher, was unable to control it. It was thus speculated that the engineer must have had a health condition while the train gathered speed. Allegedly, Gallagher failed to control the train.

It was stated by the engineer’s father that his son was absolutely healthy and had no history of infractions or other medical conditions. He also said that Thomas was a dedicated worker.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation; however, former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling revealed his own theories. Schilling first tweeted his shock after finding out about the Hoboken train crash, but in an hour, he tweeted his theory, according to Deadspin.

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“I am hoping to be wrong. But given a train ran at high speed INTO the station, I am going to say terrorism. If I’m wrong cool,” he tweeted.

However, law enforcement officials said there was no reason to believe that the cause of the crash was anything beyond accident or operator error.

Curt’s tweets were heavily criticized and called “dumb.” The pitcher defended his version of the Hoboken train crash and slammed people who are “liberals.”

Schilling, a reported by, had a history of not holding back his thoughts on social media. Earlier this year, the ex-MLB analyst was fired from ESPN after he repeatedly posted insensitive material on his Facebook page.

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