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Poor Girls: Charlie Sheen Admits Having Sex Without HIV Disclosure!

Poor Girls: Charlie Sheen Admits Having Sex Without HIV Disclosure!
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Poor Girls: Charlie Sheen Admits Having Sex Without HIV Disclosure!

Did Charlie Sheen have sex with several girls without telling them that he was infected with HIV?

This could be the question running inside the head of so many people these days after the 50-year-old “Two and a Half Men” actor admitted in November that he was HIV positive.

Apart from this seemingly million dollar-question, another interesting detail that everyone might want to know now is if he ever had unprotected sex with anyone of his partners after his diagnosis.

According to Radar Online, Charlie Sheen admitted during an interview with TV journalist Piers Morgan that he did not inform some of his women about his medical condition. However, he reportedly insisted that he always wore protection whenever he had sex.

“The only times I didn’t tell them, was because the last 25 times they used it against me, and used my medical condition for their own folly, and financial gain,” he said. “I never did [have unprotected sex when I knew I had HIV]. I wouldn’t do that to someone, I would not.”

Following this declaration, he shared, “Here’s the great news…no one has been infected by me. No one.”

“They claim, the sorrow and the pity, or whatever,” Charlie Sheen added. “But that’s on them, I know the truth.”

In the meantime, The Telegraph reported that during the said interview, the New York-born actor hinted about having an intimate relationship with a government minister’s daughter after he had HIV.

“There was a girl here about 20 years ago, right? And I can’t say she was famous, but her father really was,” he shared. “And let’s just say, it was a race to the airport between the Parliament, my security team and Interpol.”

When prodded to dish more details, Charlie Sheen refused to speak further saying, “That’s all I can speak to it, because it’s not fair.”

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